SAGE Bestows Honor on Jewish Home

Jewish Home Lifecare was presented with the SAGE Aging Services Leadership Award during the SAGE annual dinner on Monday, October 21st. SAGE is the nation’s foremost organization advocating for and serving LGBT older adults.


Audrey Weiner,Dr. Audrey S. Weiner, DSW, MPH, President and CEO of Jewish Home Lifecare, Elizabeth Grayer – Chair of the Board of Jewish Home Lifecare, SAGE Board member Patricia Wiley (who presented the award to Jewish Home), and Jewish Home Lifecare Board Member, Tom Moore.

The honor was given to Jewish Home for efforts to make all of its skilled nursing facilities welcoming environments for LGBT elders.

Jewish Home has initiated a training program for all staff at its current nursing home to maximize LGBT cultural competency and make the entire facility a congenial, accepting space for LGBT older adults to live openly and proudly.

Jewish Home facilities strive to welcome all elders, “wherever they come from, whatever they believe, and whomever they love,” said Dr. Audrey S. Weiner, DSW, MPH, President and CEO of Jewish Home Lifecare at SAGE dinner.

Not only are the current facilities LGBT-welcoming, in the new Green House model skilled nursing facility to be built on 97th Street, one or more of the residential “households” will be exclusively for LGBT older adults.

Many LGBT older adults have experienced harsh discrimination and social ostracism during their lifetimes, and some fear that if they lived openly in a nursing home they would face hostility and rejection, and thus welcome the option to live in an apartment-like setting with others from their community.

At the SAGE dinner, Weiner shared, “As far as I know we are the only eldercare organization in the country making the commitment at this level to recognize the needs of this important part of our community.”