A New Model of Nursing Home and Post-Acute Care

Jewish Home, long a leader in advancement and innovation in eldercare, is uniquely poised to implement the Green House® model of care. Plans are underway for the application of Green House approach to the renovation and new construction projects at The Sarah Neuman Center in Westchester, and to create the very first urban application of the Green House model of elder care in Manhattan.

About the GREEN HOUSE® Model

Dr. William Thomas developed the Green House model as a radical departure from the traditional nursing home’s institutional setting and mindset. The heart of the Green House model is the relationships that flourish there. The Green House model, by design and philosophy, encourages small groups of elders and staff to become a community focused on living full and vibrant lives. Despite the name, the Green House model is not focused on environmental sustainability.

A Green House de-institutionalizes long-term care by shifting the emphasis from convenience for clinical care to overall quality of life for the elder residents, making a Green House facility a place where elders can receive assistance and support with activities of daily living and clinical care, without that assistance and care becoming the focus of their existence.

In his “Where Love Matters” presentation, Dr. Bill Thomas, the Green House Project Founder, explains, “Conventional long term care makes the doctors and nurses the stars of show, in the spotlight all the time. The Green House makes the elders the stars of the show…the doctors and nurses are still there, but they’re backstage, where they’re supposed to be.”

This change in emphasis necessitates a different approach to facility size, interior design, staffing patterns, and methods of delivering skilled professional services.

The Green House project is active in 32 states with 134 homes open and 106 homes in development as of May, 2012.

Read more about THE GREEN HOUSE ® Project, and partners NCB Capital and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation here.