Geriatric Substance Abuse Recovery Program

Now there’s an option for older New Yorkers who need medical rehabilitation and have issues with alcohol or prescription drug use.

The Jewish Home’s Geriatric Substance Abuse Recovery Program is the United States’ first nursing home-based in-patient substance abuse program. It is designed for older New Yorkers (60+) with substance abuse issues who need short term, post acute medical rehabilitation.

The program, located on our Manhattan campus, is one of several innovative post-acute recovery programs we offer.

Jewish Home’s Geriatric Substance Abuse Program  assesses both a patient’s medical and addiction-recovery needs, and then provide coordinated care in a supportive environment. From the time a patient is admitted, program staff work with the individual and his or her family/caregivers towards the goal of long-term recovery. When the patient is discharged, the staff ensure a support team is in place, often with services provided by Jewish Home’s Senior Day Care or Certified Home Health Care Agency.

Services for You

The program is led by a mental health and certified addiction professional. The team at Jewish Home’s Geriatric Substance Abuse Recovery Program includes medical rehabilitation specialists and social work support, coupled with comprehensive psychological care and treatment. This innovative program provides patients with:

• An initial assessment to determine both medical rehabilitation needs and addiction-recovery needs

• Team-focused treatment with coordinated care among: physicians and nurses, physical and occupational therapy staff, mental health and addiction professionals, social workers, and self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous

• Support groups to assist with relapse prevention and socialization, that can be gender-specific, with a sensitivity of a culturally diverse population

• Addressing co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

• Education regarding the addiction disease process, and medication management

• Relapse-Prevention Skills where a patient will learn how to deal with their relapse triggers, relapse warning signs, and high risk situations

• Dedicated rehabilitation gym for physical and occupational therapy on the unit

• Dedicated patient lounge for support groups meetings and gatherings on the unit

• Involvement of family and significant others

• Discharge planning and community support

Addressing a Critical Need

The Jewish Home Geriatric Substance Abuse Recovery Program addresses an urgent need in New York City. With more than 6.5 million Americans age 65+ facing the effects of depression, substance abuse is a serious issue that older adults and the family members who help care for them should address quickly and expertly.  The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that problems stemming from alcohol consumption, including interactions of alcohol with prescribed and over-the-counter drugs, far outnumber any other substance abuse problem among older adults.

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