Every day,10,000 Americans turn 65, and there are already more than 5.5 million adults over age 80. Just as these numbers are unprecedented, so too is the groundswell of sentiment that there’s got to be a better way to age in America.

There is no shortage of clever ideas, or of individuals in need of care. But few organizations have the experience and ability to bring good new ideas into practice. By combining the breadth of our experience with an in-house research institute, by embracing technology and celebrating person centered care, Jewish Home is uniquely poised to transform eldercare.

innovation collage

Here are some of the innovations that are the foundation upon which we will build The New Jewish Home:

The GreenHouse® Model sets aside the institutional for a home-like environment where relationships grow and elders thrive, will be applied to both urban and suburban environments.

Technology has transformed all our lives, and technology is transforming eldercare in myriad ways, including the Pathways to Health project with Panasonic that won the Innovator of the Year Award to the use of iPads used to enhance the lives of dementia patients.

Jewish Home is building the next generation of healthcare workers and addressing the coming critical shortage of caregivers with our award winning Geriatric Career Development program.

Our Research Institute on Aging does ground-breaking research on issues affecting the lives and health of elders and helps to identify and evaluate new treatments and practices. The work of the Institute insures that innovation at Jewish Home is evidence based, in addition to being patient-centered and life enhancing.

At Jewish Home, innovation extends to all of our services, from a program for elders with substance misuse issues to collaboration with other prestigious institutions to provide the highest caliber of Cardiac Rehabilitation or Orthopedic Care.