Adirim to do “noble work” in Jewish Home’s new Small House and Green House Homes.

adirimThe Green House and Small House models planned for Jewish Home’s Manhattan and Sarah Neuman campuses promise to transform eldercare — for elders and for the staff at these facilities, as well. One of the major features of this innovative model of care that differentiates it from a traditional nursing home is the role of the staff and the time they spend caring for and engaging with elders.

To underscore the unique role that staff will play in the Green House approach, a new job title has been created. The title will be Adir (pronounced ah-DEER, plural: Adirim, ah-dee-REEM). This Hebrew word means noble, majestic, mighty, wonderful or impressive.

The title Adir conveys the special work that will be done by staff who take on this new role, and is an acknowledgment of Jewish Home’s organizational heritage. Adir reinforces the caring and nurturing relationships that develop between staff and elders and the sense of friendship and companionship that will result.

The direct care employees in a Green House project are self-directed work teams, responsible for a variety of tasks including direct care, daily meal preparation, light housekeeping and communications with the clinical team, families and the community. The result is a strong bond formed between staff and the elders.

Jewish Home has been working with our partners at 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East to pave the way for incorporating the Green House model of care in Manhattan and Westchester. A special committee was formed, which included representatives from 1199 and Jewish Home management as well as staff from each campus. This group has been working together to investigate this new model of care, negotiate an agreement, develop training and prepare staff, residents and family for the Green House model.

As a result of this successful collaboration, the group created a new name, unique to Jewish Home, for the special role that staff will play in the Green House. The title, Adir, has been approved by Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of the Green House® Project and will be used for the staff at the Green House project in Manhattan and the Green House and Small House projects at Sarah Neuman. Plans are currently underway to train staff for this new position.