McKnight’s Bestows Gold “Innovator of the Year” Award to Jewish Home for Telemedicine Pilot Program with Panasonic


Jewish Home won the top award in the Innovator of the Year category in the third annual McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards competition for the Pathways to Health telemedicine pilot. Each year McKnight’s, the leading business magazine for long-term care, reviews hundreds of programs to select the top five Excellence in Technology programs.

Jewish Home’s Pathways to Health pilot program, which ended in July, transformed patients’ own television sets into interactive, remote healthcare management portals. Developed in collaboration with Jewish Home’s technology partner, Panasonic Corporation of North America’s, this television-based solution led to improvements in patients’ well-being, higher levels of compliance with medication regimens, and reductions in emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions.

We are honored to receive this award,” said Regina Melly, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Jewish Home. “We are thrilled with the results of the pilot. There could not be better news for our patients, their caregivers and the American health care system than a significant improvement in patient well-being coupled with a dramatic decrease in hospital visits.”

Pathways to Health is designed to provide an ongoing stream of patient information to Jewish Home’s health care providers. Of the 37 patients enrolled in the pilot, 97 percent reported feeling more able to manage their conditions, which led to an equally high medication adherence rate. This in turn resulted in a reduction of more than 40 percent in emergency room visits and hospital re-admissions.

Once connected to a television in the home, the Pathways to Health solution allows healthcare providers within hospitals, long-term care facilities and other HIPAA-compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) care locations to remotely monitor vital signs, conduct interactive clinical dialogues and provide relevant patient education. Jewish Home nurses and care managers are able to modify individual care programs and initiate clinical interventions as indicated such as sending a home health aide or alerting a doctor.

Panasonic is very pleased with the success of the Pathways program,” said Bob Dobbins, Vice President, New Business Development at Panasonic Corporation of North America. “The Pathways to Health service demonstrates how the strength of true collaboration yields the best results, and how healthcare providers can improve outcomes and reduce costs with technology that enables ‘care-in-place’ and facilitates strong patient engagement.”

The McKnight’s award is presented annually to a long-term care organization that incorporates technology to enhance the quality of patient care and improve overall patient well-being while reducing associated costs.

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