Tenants from the Kittay House Senior Apartments made a pilgrimage to the mecca of technology, the Apple Store on May 25.


The Kittay contingent was treated like VIPs with five Apple store staffers dedicated to answering their questions.  They each received a shirt as a memento of their visit which they all wore throughout the day.

Their session was held in the workshop area where they had exclusive and uninterrupted access latest Mac desktops, laptops and iPads. The group had a demonstration of a blood pressure tracking app, and had an opportunity to explore their personal interests.  Betty Gumanow explored the available options for sight impaired, while author Irving Harris looked at writing apps.


These excursions are one of the benefits of living at Kittay House.  Every four to six weeks, tenants select a new destination to visit.  Past trips have taken them to the Botanical Gardens, Shakespeare in the Park, a restaurant on City Island and the Culinary Institute of America.

The trips are suggested by the tenants and reflect their wide-ranging interests.