Change is afoot on the Sarah Newman campus. Long a champion of person-centered care, the Sarah Neuman Center will incorporate the groundbreaking Green House® model of eldercare into the expansion and renovation of the campus. The result will be a facility that provides elders who need long-term nursing home or rehabilitation will have options that foster a partnership with residents, staff and family and provide an enhanced quality of life.

THE GREEN HOUSE® Project, which represents a dramatic departure from the traditional way of living in a long-term care facility, is a natural next step from the person-centered approach that has long been followed at Sarah Neuman. Green House facilities create a truly home-like environment where relationships grow and elders thrive. Staff roles and responsibilities are broader in a green house environment.

The project at the Sarah Neuman Center will include:

  • The renovation of the existing Pavilion Building to create five smaller households along three floors, serving 63 elders. These “small houses” of 12 to 13 elders  will be inspired by the Green House Model.
  • Each small house offers easy access to a living room, with a common hearth, open kitchen and communal dining room
  • Meals cooked from scratch in the household kitchen and served family-style
  • A mix of private and semi-private rooms with in-suite bathing
  • A workforce model build on a flattened hierarchy and self-directed team now called Adirim. This special title reflects the noble and wonderful work being done by staff and is an acknowledgement of Jewish Home’s organizational heritage.
  • An environment conducive to creating deeper, more personal relationships between staff and residents

When the project is complete, seniors in Westchester will have a range of care options all geared to best serve the personal care and clinical support needs of each resident.