Mandell School parents’ choir performs at Manhattan nursing home

One highlight of the winter season for residents of Jewish Home’s Manhattan nursing home was a visit by the Mandell School parents’ choir.

While the entire performance was a huge hit, the choirs’ rendition of “Bridge over Troubled Water” seemed to be the favorite among Jewish Home residents.  Not only was a request for an encore honored, plans were made for students from the Mandell School to  come to the Manhattan nursing home to perform.

The association between the Mandell School and Jewish Home was forged by Lindsay Ornstein, a Mandell School parent and co-chair of the school’s Community Outreach Group.  After visiting her grandmother-in-law at Jewish Home a few years ago, she had the idea to start an adopt-a-grandparent program at Jewish Home, and the program has grown.

The residents are looking forward to hearing the voices of the Mandell School students when they perform in early May.