—Rabbi Sandy Bogin
Sarah Neuman, The New Jewish Home – Westchester

April 29, 2020
Yom Ha’atzmaut/Israel Independence Day

Good afternoon everyone. This is Rabbi Bogin.

I invite you all to pause a moment, take a look at the people around you, and remember we’re a team — we’re all in this together.

Today on the Jewish calendar, it is Yom Haatzmaut — Israel Independence Day. Israel is 72 years old today. For some of us it seems old, and some of us remember that day in 1948 when it declared its Independence.

We usually have a joyous concert in Tisch to celebrate, with wonderful, cheerful musicians. We smile, we sing along, we clap — some of us even dance a little.

Today is more somber. No one feels like celebrating in the midst of this pandemic.

We think of past and future celebrations together, and we remember that better days are ahead of us.

Have a good afternoon, everybody.