Fascinating results have recently been published from a study led by Dr. Kenneth Boockvar of Jewish Home’s Research Institute on Aging that may help reduce delirium, hospitalizations and deaths for nursing home residents affected by acute illnesses.

JACS_coverThe study, conducted at a Jewish Home facility, developed and implemented HELP-LTC, a novel program in which a mobile Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) delivered daily treatments throughout the facility to nursing home residents at the onset of acute medical conditions (e.g., infections). The results were published by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Treatments included orientation and memory activities to maintain cognitive function, water and snacks to maintain hydration and nutrition, and exercise to maintain mobility — for 30 minutes each day during the acute medical condition (about 2 weeks). Results showed that 13.2% of residents that received the HELP-LTC intervention were transferred to the hospital, and 11.3% died during or within 3 months of the illness. In a comparable building without the HELP-LTC intervention, 23.9% of residents were transferred to the hospital and 15.4% died during or soon after the illness.

Patients who received the treatments reported a high level of satisfaction, and staff were also positive. Given the cost savings of lower hospitalizations, HELP-LTC may be cost-effective even with the dedicated CNA staffing.

READ: full article, courtesy of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society (from the May, 2016 edition): http://bit.ly/1WDyJT5