The New Jewish Home is pleased to have gone up from Bronze to Silver credentialing from SAGECare, Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders. This increased level reflects the increased degree of our staff training. SAGE trains providers across the country to offer cutting-edge senior care to LGBT clients.

Sage Silver

With its comprehensive set of educational offerings and credentials, SAGECare has established a new set of benchmarks in LGBT elder care.

According to SAGE, “research shows that when providers aren’t explicitly welcoming to LGBT people, many people—especially those who grew up in an era of severe discrimination—remain in the closet. This can lead to serious emotional and physical health consequences. SAGECare helps ensure that senior care providers and administrators better understand client needs, creating a more innovative, competitive care environment.”

SAGECare goes beyond the familiar scope of diversity training to:

  • Help staff learn to how to comfortably engage with LGBT seniors, how to ask sensitive questions, and how to be open and non-judgmental
  • Help staff create LGBT-inclusive programming
  • Help administrators understand best practices for programming, policy and procedures, marketing, facilities, HR, staff and board recruitment and more
  • Deliver bronze, silver, gold, and platinum-level credentials to indicate degrees of training

You can read more here about our embrace of diversity among both our elder residents and our staff, including LGBT as well as racial and ethnic minorities.