Earthday2014xEarth Day provides an opportunity to reflect upon and raise awareness about environmental issues.  At Jewish Home, Earth Day was celebrated with a range of activities, including:

  • Palm Planting at the Sarah Neuman Center in Westchester: Residents potted a palm plant to bring back to their room.  According to a study by NASA, palm plants improve indoor air quality by absorbing harmful chemicals in the air and producing more oxygen. All supplies for the program were funded through the Shirley Durst’s Fund for Integrative Therapies.
  • Energy Efficiency & Recycling Education at the Manhattan Day Center: Clients learned about energy efficiency best practices and were provided with recycling guidelines for their homes. Clients created planters from plastic bottles, paper and plastic flowers from reused paper and plastic bags, and beads from recycled magazine pages.
  • Spring Planting at Jewish Home in Manhattan: Volunteers from the Junior League helped residents paint flower pots to be filled with spring flowers for their personal rooms.
  • Earth Day Celebration: Residents in the Manhattan nursing home shared Earth Day and environmental-related stories, participated in a planting activity using recycled milk cartons, and joined a rhythm chorus.

Since 2007 Jewish Home has been focused on becoming a more environmentally responsible organization. Below are some highlights of our achievements:

In 2007 we installed a highly energy efficient cogeneration plant on our Bronx Campus and are still reaping the benefits.

  • This year we have eliminated Styrofoam from the food and nutrition operations in the Bronx and in Westchester.
  • In 2012 Materials Management began discussing “green” purchasing options with our closest vendors and have implemented several new offerings as a result.
  • We continue to plan for environmentally responsible buildings as the development of the Living Center of Manhattan and the transition of the Sarah Neuman campus carries on. The Board of Directors has approved LEED certification for the Living Center of Manhattan.

Jewish Home is immensely mindful of its environmental footprint as a round-the-clock healthcare service provider. Throughout the year we work to decrease our environmental impact and strengthen the resilience of our communities against climate change. After all, we believe that Earth Day does not occur simply once a year, but every day.