buildingModelThe HealthCetera radio program on WBAI Radio focused on the innovative Green House eldercare model and the ways it can vastly improve the experience of elder residents. Jewish Home CEO Dr. Audrey Weiner explained to HealthCetera’s Liz Seegert how transformative this approach is, and how we are planning to roll out more Green House residences.

Pictured at left is the artists rendering of The Living Center of Manhattan. When ground is broken for the building it will add to Jewish Home’s growing Green House portfolio, which already includes 3 existing Small Houses at our Sarah Neuman Center in Westchester.

To hear the WBAI segment featuring Dr. Weiner, go to the HealthCetera page about it, and move ahead to the 11:35 mark in the recording. The interview by Liz Seegert follows an introduction by HealthCetera’s Diana Mason.