kittayart1 Kittay House held an art show on June 17 called “The Creative Process and Lifelong Learning.” The show featured Bronx artist, Victoria Marin-Harrison who is the Visual Arts leader and Curator of the Kittay Gallery by the Garden.

Victoria shared a slideshow of her artwork and responded to questions from a panel of Kittay House tenants Rozanne Zweig, Helda Petrakis and Shelley Dobbins.

Victoria shared portraits of famous Latin musicians such as Israel Lopez and Celia Cruz, as well as sketches of Sumo wrestlers at the Madison Square Garden World Challenge, and hand-painted slides for projection.

kittayart2 “The Art Show was wonderful. The sketches of the wrestlers had an active feeling and show the artist’s attention to detail. You can feel the sweat,” said Kittay tenant Edna Nelkin.

Victoria shared a statement on artistic inspiration.

What inspires me as an artist is the creative process via creative problem solving –a worthy challenge, and the secret to staying young at any age. From these broader perspectives and possibilities, new creative solutions and products are born and implemented. In this way our lives become deeply enriched in refreshing new ways.”

The art program was followed by sundaes for all. The Kittay House art show was made possible by a grant from Bronx Councilman Fernando Cabrera.

In addition to special events like this, Kittay House tenants can participate in regular art workshops, writing groups, theater and improve groups and trips to cultural institutions in the New York area.