Partnerships with Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCS)

morningsidegardensJewish Home provides supportive services to make aging in place more viable for New Yorkers living in naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs). Many New Yorkers choose to continue to live in their homes and communities as they age, rather than move, and need these services to do so.

Jewish Home, with a 160+ year history of serving elders, has partnerships with several NORC communities to provide health and social services to tenants located in apartment building complexes.

The NORC communities that Jewish Home partners with are:

• Penn South (Manhattan)
• Morningside Gardens (Manhattan)
• Amalgamated/Park Reservoir (Bronx)
• Pelham Parkway Houses (Bronx)

Jewish Home’s partnership with NORC Supportive Service Programs nurture these communities to become “good places to grow old.” We provide a community health nurse onsite, whose primary role is to promote healthy living by providing health assessments, referrals, health education and screenings. In conjunction with the other NORC staff, nurses organize outside speakers to discuss a variety of health topics and organize health fairs.

Each NORC community is different and unique. Jewish Home’s programs provide group teaching sessions, and provide residents with access to other health services based on their needs and interests.

The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and support safe and successful community living. These programs truly make a difference in the lives of thousands of older adults.

For more information, contact us here or call 800.544.0304.