Whether you are recovering at home, or need help with disease and health management on an ongoing basis in your home, telehealth gives you ways to better manage your care, avoid the need for frequent checkups at a doctor’s office or hospital, and connects you to help when you need it.

We install these easy-to-use technologies in your home, helping you – and us – track and manage your health and medications. Telehealth extends the reach of your care. It is a safety net in your own home. With a health professional monitoring an elder’s status as often as needed, telehealth can provide peace of mind for family members who do not live near their elderly parents.

medsmart_telehealthMaking the telehealth connection can benefit seniors with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, congestive heart failure, lung disease and arthritis. Telehealth also enhances ongoing medical care as physicians can see health trends, not just information from the day of a visit.

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How Does Jewish Home’s Telehealth Work?
We provide easy-to-operate machines that connect you to our Jewish Home healthcare providers. Each morning, the device will ask for vital information (symptoms, weight, blood pressure, etc.) and determine if the patient has taken the right medication. This information is then automatically communicated to one of our nurses, who can potentially identify a problem before it becomes a health crisis.

If for some reason a client does not respond to the questions, the device will emit a reminder buzz. If there is still no response, the client will receive a check-in phone call, and if necessary, a visit from a registered nurse. Knowing that responsive medical help is just a phone call away provides independent elders with real security.

telehealth_deviceFor those who find self-administering medication to be confusing, there’s even a device available to help manage daily medication. It can be preloaded by a family member, caregiver or nurse to dispense medication exactly according to a doctor’s instructions.

For elders with a history of falls, a Falls Management program with an auto alert will soon be added to the HealthMonitor Services offerings.

Falls in the home are a major cause of hospitalization and declines in health. Learn how to prevent falls before they happen. Our Falls Prevention experts can assess your health and your home environment to create an individualized plan to address conditions that might contribute to falls.

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