Our new Green Wall at Sarah Neuman in Westchester is now complete, just in time for Spring and Summer rains. The Green Wall and Green Roof (55% of the 16,000 square-foot Sarah Neuman roof was converted to a Green Roof in 2015) will reduce storm water run-off that makes its way into Long Island Sound and help flood-prone Mamaroneck address storm water management.

The Green Roof absorbs precipitation and snow melt, reducing run-off and naturally filtering the water. Excess run-off from the building and parking lot pavement is directed into a collection system that separates sediment and other pollutants from the runoff. That water is pumped to a storage tank to irrigate the 104-foot-long, 6-foot-tall Green Wall alongside our parking lot.

According to LivingRoofs.org, Green Roofs and Green Walls have an important role to play as heavily paved urban and suburban areas experience the increased likelihood of floods. In the summer, a Green Roof can typically retain between 70%-80% of the run-off from rains.  Green Roofs and Walls can also alleviate the heat island effect, cooling the local microclimate.

Our Green Roof was also designed to benefit local biodiversity and enhance the roof’s insulation, which reduces the overall energy consumption of the building. The innovative Green Wall/Green Roof project at Sarah Neuman was made possible through a New York State grant from the Environmental Facilities Corporation.

See ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of the Green Wall and Green Roof below.