NEW YORK, NY: January 24, 2017 — The Research Institute on Aging, the research arm of The New Jewish Home, ended 2016 having secured the publication of a dozen articles in leading medical and geriatric journals. The New Jewish Home is one of only a handful of nonprofit geriatric healthcare systems in the country to have its own research division. A list of the articles published, along with links, can be found below.

Said Joann P. Reinhardt, PhD, director of the Institute: “We are delighted that so many top journals have recognized the quality of the work done by our research team in concert with leading researchers, both national and international. With several new studies underway, we look forward to an equally productive 2017.”

Among the areas of geriatric research presented in the journal articles (links below) were:

  • How to transition patients’ health care from nursing homes to their own homes. – Journal of General Internal Medicine
  • Challenges experienced at age 100 (findings from the Fordham Centenarian Study). – Journal of Aging and Social Policy
  • The use of telemedicine in post-acute care, a topic on which The New Jewish Home has become an expert by virtue of the many programs it has implemented, such as Jintronix and Bluestream. – Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare
  • The effectiveness of HELP (Hospital Elder Life Program) in preventing delirium among nursing home residents. NOTE: The article discusses the findings of research funded by The Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Foundation. The New Jewish Home is currently doing additional research funded by the National Institute on Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health. – Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
  • The effect of age-related vision loss on the social interaction and mental health of older adults. – Articles in Clinical Rehabilitation, Clinical Ophthalmology and Developmental Psychology.
  • The effect of sleep medication on older adults. – Clinical Therapeutics

The New Jewish Home’s Research Institute on Aging comprises director Joann P. Reinhardt, PhD; director of clinical studies Kenneth S. Boockvar, MD; and senior research scientists Orah Burack, MA, and Verena R. Cimarolli, PhD.
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Serving New Yorkers of all faiths and ethnicities for almost 170 years, The New Jewish Home is transforming eldercare as we know it. One of the nation’s largest and most diversified not‐for‐profit geriatric health and rehabilitation systems, Jewish Home serves 12,000 older adults each year, in their homes and on campuses in Manhattan and Westchester, through short-term rehabilitation, long‐term skilled nursing, low-income housing, and a wide range of home health programs. Jewish Home believes that high quality care and personal dignity are everyone’s right, regardless of background or economic circumstances. Technology, innovation, applied research and new models of care put The New Jewish Home at the vanguard of eldercare providers across the country. For more information, visit
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A Population Study of Correlates of Social Participation in Older Adults with Age-Related Vision Loss. Clinical Rehabilitation (e-publication in advance of print edition). Cimarolli, V.R.; Boerner, K.; Reinhardt, J.P.; Horowitz, A.; Wahl, H-W; Schilling, O. & Brennan-Ing, M. (2016).
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