Falls are the leading cause of accidents for seniors, and a key to preventing falls in adults is addressing where they are most likely to occur. A senior may be spending considerable time in the living room or TV room of a residence, so it is important to identify the common senior falls hazards found there.

Here are 5 tips to help prevent senior falls in the living room:

1. Reign in the rugs: Removing unsecured rugs is the simplest way to prevent falls. Alternately, place the rug under a table or other heavy piece of furniture or secure it to the floor with double-sided tape.

2. Tame the cords: Electrical cords, lamp wires and phone cords should be secured so they do not present a tripping hazard. Wires can be taped or stapled to the floor or walls, or there are numerous cord tamers available at the hardware store.

3. Clean up the clutter: Keep the areas where one walks clutter-free. Don’t stack books and magazines on the floor. Don’t keep shoes by the door.

4. Light up Your Life: Make sure the living room has adequate lighting, especially if lamps are the primary source of lighting. Use the highest wattage the unit will tolerate, and use frosted bulbs to cut down on the glare. Make sure the lampshades do not block light. Consider adding lighting to areas that are dim. If lights are controller by a switch, install a nightlight so the switch is easy to see, or use sound/touch activated lights.

5. Fix your seat: Raise the height of sofas and chairs to make it easier for the senior to get up and down. Some recliners are motorized and make it easier for a senior to get out of a chair.

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