Seniors often experience debilitating falls at night when they rush to answer the telephone or get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

Here are six tips to help minimize the risk of elder falls in the bedroom:

  1. Shine a light: Have a light within reach of the bed. Consider installing sensor night-lights, which will automatically turn on when they detect movement.
  2. Go slow: Avoid getting out of bed too quickly. Rapid movements are harder to control. Certain medications or health conditions also make an elder prone to vertigo – another reason to take it slow.
  3. Cut the cord: Use a cordless phone and keep it within reach at night.That way there’s no danger of getting tripped up in the cord, or losing balance because of reaching for the phone. Just be sure to place it in its cradle for regular charging.
  4. Keep it clean: Don’t hang things off the doorknobs or keep slippers by the door. This creates a tripping hazard. Piles of books and magazines should also be kept off the floor.
  5. Get a Grip: Install a grab bar by the bed so the person can more easily get in and out of bed independently.
  6. Have a Clear Path: Night time paths from the bedroom to the toilet should be kept clear and lit.

Here’s an additional safety tip: With balance an issue for many seniors, a wise practice is to have a senior sit down when getting dressed.

Jewish Home can provide a full home senior falls prevention assessment. To arrange for a Geriatric Care falls consultation call 800-544-0304 or email Connections .gro.1521871239emohh1521871239siwej1521871239@snoi1521871239tcenn1521871239oc1521871239