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Let us all remember that trust takes time

—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life

Hey Jewish Home Manhattan, howrya doin’?

Today is Thursday, April 30th

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And that’s true. And first impressions do matter. They matter in retail and in customer service. They matter in job interviews. They surely matter in dating. Do you swipe left or swipe right? And in person, what is communicated in a handshake or a smile?

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At The New Jewish Home we are keeping each other covered: physically, emotionally, and spiritually

—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy Director of Meaningful Life

Hello Jewish Home Manhattan

Today is Tuesday April 28.

What does it mean when someone says, “I’ve got you covered.”

In an action movie, if someone says that, it means that even though you’re going to take a risk, they’re going to work to keep you safe.

At work, if a colleague says, “I really need to take a break” and you say, “Go ahead, I’ll cover for you.” It means I’ll be your back up. I can help you get the space you need.

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We are grateful to celebrate with our recovered residents

—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life

Shalom and Salaam to Jewish Home Manhattan

Today is Thursday, April 23. 

Each day is significant in many ways. Every day, for a few people at The New Jewish Home, today is your birthday. For everyone, it’s day forty-one of our coronavirus crisis response. For members of the Jewish community all over the world who are counting the days between Passover and Shavuot. And that makes today the 14th Day of the Omer. And for the members of the Muslim community, today is the first day of the Month of Ramadan. To all those who are observing we wish you Ramadan Mubarak, a blessed month.

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One fundamental truth of Earth Day and of our recent history with the novel coronavirus

—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life.

Good Evening Jewish Home Manhattan.

Today is Wednesday April 22

Today is Earth Day. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970. In July that same year, the Environmental Protection Agency was created. In future years, the celebration of Earth Day led to the passage of the Clean Water Act and the Endangered Species Act.

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Today is the Earth Day Jubilee

–Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life

Good Morning Jewish Home Manhattan

Today is Wednesday April 22.  Today is also Earth Day. Indeed, it is the Earth Day Jubilee, the 50th Earth Day since the celebration began.

Each Day honors the natural world on which we so depend and, at the same time, warns and reminds us that we must be careful stewards of the natural world. 

Joni Mitchell’s famous song “Big Yellow Taxi” contains within it a key line that speaks both to the environmental urgency of our natural situation and also to the constraints under which we are currently living.

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Yom hazikaron l’shoah ul’gvurah, which means Remembrance Day for the Holocaust and Heroism

—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life

Good Evening Jewish Home

Today is Tuesday April 21. In the Hebrew calendar it is the 27th of Nissan. I don’t usually offer the Hebrew date, but today is a day of significance. Ever since 1951, this date has been observed as yom hashoah or, more fully, yom hazikaron l’shoah ul’gvurah, which means Remembrance Day for the Holocaust and Heroism.

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We learn the truth about people when we make space for them and hear what they tell us

—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life

Good Morning to all at The New Jewish Home in Manhattan.

Today is Tuesday, April 21.

First, a shout out to all those in Sutro Building. We know your speakers are cranked up a bit higher than everyone else’s and we will try to fix that. Sorry, in the meantime that these messages come across so loud. They come from the heart, but they aren’t meant to hurt the ears. **is it better if I whisper?**

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In our community, we are turning the tide!

—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life

Good Morning Jewish Home Manhattan

Today is Monday, April 20th

When I was growing up, long before the internet, before even cable tv, came the very first television infomercials. These were long advertisements designed to get you to pick up your phone, dial a number, and make a purchase over the phone. One of the best tricks of that type of ad was to add one incentive after another. They would say, “operators are standing by now” and, “if you call in the next 30 minutes, you’ll also receive…” But in my mind, the most famous line was, “But wait, there’s more.”

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