On March 22, 2017, The New Jewish Home’s Sarah Neuman campus welcomed the community, staff and residents to a talk about how making simple lifestyle changes can result in long-term health benefits.

The event was presented in partnership with UJA-Federation of New York, which is marking its centennial with a year-long series of programs highlighting the outstanding work of its grantees.

In a nod to UJA-Federation’s March 2017 theme, Nurturing Health and Well-Being, Dr. Delayne Gratopp, NMD, Naturopathic Doctor & Director of Functional Medicine at Scarsdale Integrative Family Medicine, PLLC presented the topic: “Sugar: What you Need to Know.”

After a warm and welcoming pre-event reception in the Winter Garden (offering healthy snacks, of course!), Dr. Gratopp explained:

• Why do you CRAVE it?
• What are its EFFECTS on your body?
• How can you cure your SUGAR ADDICTION?

Here are a few tips our staff gleaned from Dr. Gratopp’s discussion.

• Always balance sugar with a protein
• Stay away from plastic – only use BPA-free plastics or switch to glass
• Change from table salt to sea salt
• Try to stick to herbal tea rather than caffeinated tea
• When drinking caffeinated tea or coffee, drink equal amounts of water to prevent dehydration (this is in addition to your eight glasses of water per day)
• Want to drink more water? Do it slowly… it takes three weeks for your body to get used to the increased amounts of water. You can add a pinch of sea salt in order to absorb water’s nutrients into your cells.
• Get rid of white sugar, rice and flour
• Jasmine rice is a great alternative
• Eat seasonally
• Eat only organic berries
• Grass-fed beef has more omega 3 than farm-raised salmon
• When buying frozen fruit always try to buy flash frozen – this should be noted on the package
• Limit intake of cow’s milk
• Smoothing is better than juicing
• Milk substitutes – coconut cream, almond milk
• Try to avoid carrageen
• Sugar substitute: honey and maple syrup (grade B)
• Eat more gluten-free foods and probiotics

We hope this helps make you a little healthier!