Jewish Home plans a somber day of remembrance on Tuesday, May 3,starting at 2:30. The healthcare facilityMotyl Chamber Orchestra plans a thoughtful ceremony filled with prayer and music.

The event will begin with memorial candle lighting. Six individuals who are holocaust survivors themselves or are family members of survivors will kindle six memorial candles, to honor the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis.

The Motyl Chamber Orchestra will follow with the work of a Jewish composer who fled Europe in 1938. This quintet draws its repertoire entirely from music composed by victims of the Nazis. Motyl derives takes their name from the Czech word for butterfly, for the poem “The Butterfly” written by Pavel Friedman at Terezin.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz will share some thoughts on Yom ha Shoah as a time to rededicate ourselves to opposing anti-Semitism, hatred and oppression of any people and the theme, “Never Forget! Never Again!”

The memorial will close with Rabbi leading the attendees in Kaddish and another musical reflection from Motyl.