Most people prefer to stay in their own homes. However, in some situations, moving to a nursing home is a better option.

Indicators that it is time to consider nursing home care include:

  • An elder is housebound.
  • Living at home is no longer safe for the elder.
  • The level of health care and assistance needed is increasing and becoming difficult to provide in the home.
  • An elder needs close monitoring because of declining health.
  • Other options are exhausted. For example, home care is no longer sufficient and other community based programs do not meet your needs.

In these cases, the medical and social facilities found in nursing homes offer the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life. Elder residents receive needed medical care and can enjoy safe public spaces such as social rooms and outdoor gardens.

The majority of people who move into nursing homes do so after an acute hospitalization. Today, nursing homes are generally for people who need skilled nursing and 24-hour a day monitoring.

Even if you or an elder you know is now living at home successfully, you may want to research nursing homes in case there is a future need. You can begin this research here.