About Us

The New Jewish Home provides the highest level of healthcare services and assistance for New York’s elders

We’ve been a New York eldercare landmark for nearly 170 years, and we’re still creating innovative new ways to serve seniors every day as we welcome all elders to #AgeLikeaNewYorker with us.

We are a nonprofit that provides care for the evolving needs of New Yorkers as they age, from the very frailest to those who just need a little extra help in managing chronic conditions at home.  Let us help you and your family figure out exactly what kind of care you or your loved ones need.

“The New Jewish Home is committed to transforming eldercare
for New Yorkers so they can live meaningful lives in the place they call home.“


Our Team

The staff of The New Jewish Home is the heart and soul of the work that we do.

From the compassionate caregivers, therapists, doctors and nurses on each campus to the seasoned administrative teams that help us all to work better together, we offer an unbeatable support system for New York’s elders who rely on us — in their homes and on our campuses — for a tremendous range of services.

If you are looking for a great career with great co-workers, come join us.


20160225: Kittay House, Bronx NY (Shana Sureck Photography)

Our Locations

There’s no place like The New Jewish Home for New Yorkers from across the five boroughs and the surrounding counties to find the great care they need.

We have campuses in Manhattan and Westchester County: Each has a skilled and compassionate staff, providing a wide range of services, residences, adult day centers and special therapies that have become destinations for seniors and their families. And if your needs change, you can find just the right new options without ever leaving the comfort of the Jewish Home campus you rely on.

In the Bronx, we have a network of apartments for older adults, where you can live independently, while receiving support you can’t get while living on your own, plus a community of friends and peers right in your building. Also in the Bronx is an adult day center, with both social and health programs.

Our Services

Our care options change as your needs change, though our excellence and expertise remain constant. Let’s discuss how we can support you, whether you are looking for:

  • long-term care in a skilled nursing facility, including our innovative Small Houses
  • post-acute rehabilitation to help you recover after a hospital stay for an illness, injury or surgery
  • senior living options for those who want a residence with elder-friendly and services just the right combination of independence and support
  • home-care options like therapy and health aides in your own home, cutting-edge telehealth monitoring, and sociable adult day programs on our campuses. We are licensed to provide home care in nine counties.



Our History

We’ve been around since 1848, first as a facility for New York’s Jewish population, and now serving New Yorkers of all faiths and backgrounds. We have a proud history – we were the first facility of our kind in the United States to have a full-time professional social worker, the first to have a full-time in-house doctor and the first to have a teaching system to train professionals in elder care.

When it opens its doors, our Living Center of Manhattan (a rendering is shown at left) will be the first elder facility using the Green House model in an urban area. With the help of our innovative team and our in-house Research Institute on Aging, who knows what firsts we will offer to New York elders tomorrow?