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What do home health aides do? What is a geriatric care manager? What services does a senior need to stay safely at home?

Understanding and managing home care services for a senior can be frustrating and overwhelming. Solutions at Home® is here to make sure seniors get the support and care they need to stay safe and give their loved ones peace of mind. Whether a senior is recovering from an illness or surgery, or in need of long-term support, Solutions at Home® will take care of whatever is needed.

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Geriatric Care Managers 

Our Care Managers take care of it all.

Our Geriatric Care Managers are trained and experienced nurses and social workers, who partner with the senior and her or his family to ensure that everything is in place to support the senior’s in-home care. Care Managers create an individualized care plan for the senior and coordinate with other care providers, such as Home Health Aides. We are here to make sure the seniors in our care get what they need to stay as healthy and comfortable as possible.

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We have it covered.

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides help seniors stay safe and healthy. Whether a senior needs temporary care while recovering at home from surgery or an illness, or needs long-term supportive care, our Home Health Aides are there to help. Home Health Aides can also provide companionship services for seniors in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. All our Home Health Aides are licensed, bonded, background checked and supervised by our nursing staff.

Home health aides
Rehabilitation and Nursing at Home

Rehabilitation at Home

Nursing and Rehabilitation at Home supports seniors recovering from surgery or an illness, in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. Our team of skilled professionals includes nurses, therapists, home health aides and other dedicated specialists.

Rehabilitation at Home
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Additional Home Care Services

Solutions at Home® can help pay bills, make appointments, accompany the senior to doctors’ appointments, arrange for home safety assessments or special care services, coordinate transportation, and perform other services the senior may need. Each person is unique. We make sure the in-home care we provide recognizes and honors that uniqueness.

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TRANSITIONS by Solutions at Home®

Transitions is a no-obligation three-day trial, so you can see if our service fits your needs. If you are happy after the trial ends, Solutions at Home can create a custom care plan for you and your loved ones.

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Stop worrying about managing home care.

Solutions at Home® was created to take the frustration and confusion out of arranging in home care for seniors. We do whatever it takes to meet seniors’ needs, so they and their families can concentrate on living their best lives.

Complete In Home Care services for seniors

Home Care FAQs

Is it safe to have strangers in the home providing care?

Home Care Trial

What goes on behind closed doors is an understandable concern, especially if the senior has some cognitive loss or feels dependent on the homecare worker. Home health aides available through Solutions at Home are certified, bonded and licensed, and supervised by nurses. Home health aides go through a rigorous application process including reference and background review, including criminal record checks. As employees of The New Jewish Home, Solutions at Home home health aides receive ongoing in-service training to keep their skills up-to-date with industry practices.

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What does a Home Health Aide do?

Solutions at Home’s Home Health Aides provide senior care at home by assisting with eating, dressing, oral hygiene, bathing, colostomies, medication reminders, etc. They may also provide homemaker services, such as light cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, and escorting seniors to appointments and activities.

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What type of care does my loved one need?

A smiling Nurse in a yellow shirt with a stethoscope visits a patient in their home, leaning down to talk to the older man

The most effective way to find the senior health care and support that is right for your parent or loved one is to have an assessment done by a Geriatric Care Manager who will carefully match your parent or loved one’s medical, household, and social needs with an array of senior care resources available through Solutions at Home as well as other specialty senior service providers.

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What’s the difference between Solutions at Home and hiring a home health aide myself?

The package of a la carte services available through Solutions at Home makes it easy for you to find someone to help your parent or loved one stay home and live independently. We provide and supervise licensed, bonded, experienced certified home health aides who can support a full range of senior needs, from providing personal care (i.e. bathing, feeding) to household chores to medical support and overnight supervision.

If you decide to hire a home health aide on your own, be prepared to interview and manage that person, including all the paperwork required of employers.

You’ll want to make sure that person is reputable and dependable. You’ll want to authenticate certifications and licenses, check references, and conduct a background check. Because this person will be your employee, you’ll need to negotiate a salary, need to ensure minimum wage is met, maintain documents, and file local and federal forms. You’ll also need to develop a vacation and sick time policy and arrange for fill-in care. Even if the aide comes well-recommended, they may not be certified or bonded.

The Mayo Clinic offers this guide to selecting home health services

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What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

A professional geriatric care manager is a social worker, nurse, psychologist, or gerontologist trained to assess, plan, coordinate, monitor, and provide services for the elderly and their families. Advocacy for older adults is a primary function of the care manager.

A professional geriatric care manager can help alleviate some of the pressure that adult children may feel by expertly managing their parent’s situation.  When a son or daughter provides hands-on care to their parent, the quality time they can be there emotionally for their parent is limited. The care manager can handle complex interpersonal issues, address the immediate problem, remain connected once the crisis passes, and get involved again as the situation requires.

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When is the right time to hire a Geriatric Care Manager?

Serious concerns about a frail or disabled adult arise when early warning signs are evident. When frequent falls and forgetfulness, such as neglecting to pay bills and leaving appliances on and unattended, become recurring events, a geriatric care manager can help. The professionals employed by The New Jewish Home’s Solutions at Home meet with the elder and the family (or caregiver) to conduct a personal interview. The resulting assessment provides the basis for care planning. Wellness evaluations, medical history, an in-depth psychosocial review, along with home and neighborhood safety issues, are key factors in developing a long-term care plan.

Solutions at Home care managers help families hire providers for home care, financial and legal services, home maintenance, meals, transportation, pet care, and other services. They arrange medical appointments and accompany the elder to the office visit. Geriatric care managers are not replacements for the family but rather act as an extra family member who can be relied upon as advocates, especially when family members do not live nearby. Solutions at Home care managers are professionals who know how to determine needs and link caregivers to appropriate services, which allows for peace of mind.

By planning an effective strategic plan for the future, geriatric care managers help caregivers and family members avoid costly crises. They arrange varied services to be delivered to the older adult’s home, reducing the expensive need to move to a retirement home or nursing facility. Because care managers are aware of older adults’ needs and the resources available to them, a care manager is efficient in matching the service needs with the appropriate agency, saving time and money.

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What can a Geriatric Care Manager do for me?

geriatric care manager
geriatric care manager

A geriatric care manager will do a complete assessment of the needs and resources to recommend and help implement the senior health and home care services you need for your loved one. They can also be hired to stand in for family and friends in a variety of situations.

Here’s a detailed list of services that a geriatric care manager can provide:

  • Conduct assessments to identify what eldercare services are needed
  • Screen, arrange and monitor appropriate home health aides
  • Provide or recommend onsite screening of elder’s home with an eye to falls prevention and practical accommodations
  • Determine eligibility and coordinate senior health care benefits
  • Review financial and legal issues and offer referrals to specialists to conserve assets and ensure compliance
  • Provide crisis intervention
  • Represent and act as a liaison to families living away from the parent
  • Help move an older person to or from a nursing home or senior housing facility
  • Offer counseling and support for the elder and the caregiver.

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How do I choose a Geriatric Care Manager?

geriatric care manager
geriatric care manager

Selecting a geriatric care manager is an important decision. You want someone who will be responsive to you and is adept at communicating with health aides, organizations, medical professionals – and elders.

For their work to be effective, you’ll need to share personal information about yourself, your family, and your finances with a geriatric care manager. You want to be sure the manager you work with has the necessary training, appropriate certifications, and expertise and is guided by professional standards of practice and a code of ethics. Geriatric care management is a relatively new profession and is not widely regulated, so working with a reputable organization is incredibly important.

The geriatric care managers who are part of Solutions at Home are well respected. They have been screened and trained. The New Jewish Home is one of the most experienced, well-regarded organizations serving seniors’ needs, they have access to a range of health and social service specialists.

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When seeking a Geriatric Care Manager, what information do I need to provide? What questions will they ask?

Home Care Trial

The first step with Solutions at Home is a conversation with The New Jewish Home’s free information and helpline at 646-293-3340. You’ll speak with a skilled, experienced social worker or registered nurse who will help you identify your next steps. It will help to have information related to your loved one’s medical condition, personality, and physical challenges.

Here’s a list of the topics that may be discussed:

  • Personal care: bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, grooming.
  • Household care: cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, finances.
  • Health care: medication management, physician’s appointments, physical therapy.
  • Emotional care: companionship, meaningful activities, conversation.
  • Supervision: oversight for safety at home and wandering prevention.
  • Home safety: lighting, furniture configuration, rugs, wiring, and external issues.
  • Support network: individuals who are local and play a regular role in the elder’s life.

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What is addressed by a care manager’s evaluation?

After a complete assessment of the elder’s strengths, challenges, and preferences, a geriatric care manager would, together with the family, explore care options most suited to their circumstances.

Some of the key points to cover would be the following.

  • What types of rehab are available?
  • Is respite care available?
  • What kind of care and how much care can be provided at home?
  • Who pays for what services? This is an essential question because a common misconception is that Medicare or Medicaid pays for long-term care at home.
  • What does insurance (either medical or long-term care) pay for?
  • What happens at the end of hospitalization or inpatient rehabilitation when discharge is imminent?
  • Is the health care proxy in place?
  • Is there a power of attorney?
  • Does your state recognize other documents, such as a living will?
  • Has the conversation about the wishes stated in the health care proxy been discussed with the individual nominated as a proxy?
  • Does the physician have a copy of the document?
  • What resources are available to pay for services?

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Keeping Seniors Safe at Home

Senior Safety

Our #1 priority at The New Jewish Home has always been senior safety. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, safety has become the center of every aspect of our operations. We have taken the following actions to ensure the safety of our seniors at home.

Keeping seniors safe

FAQS about COVID-19 Vaccines and Home Health Aides 

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Questions about Senior Home Care?

What can a Geriatric Care manager do for me?


A geriatric care manager will with a complete assessment of needs and resources, so they can recommend and help implement the senior health and home care services you need for your parent. They can also be hired to stand in for family and friends in a variety of situations.



I’m not sure what kind of help my parent needs.


The most effective way to find the elder health care and support that is right for your parent is to have an assessment done by a professional geriatric care manager who will carefully match your parent’s medical, household and social needs with an array of senior care resources available through Solutions at Home as well as other specialty senior service providers.



My elderly father doesn’t want to go to a nursing home, but he can’t take care of himself the way he used to. All his children live out of town. What kind of help can Solutions at Home provide?



What does a Home Health Aide do?


Solutions at Home’s Home Health Aides provide elder care at home by assisting with eating, dressing, oral hygiene, bathing, colostomies, administering medications, etc.



My mother is getting out of the hospital. Now what?


You’ll want to have a “discharge planning” meeting which will review the treatment plan recommended by your parent’s doctors and their thoughts about any elder care services you might want to engage.



Read all the FAQs about Care Managers and Home Health Aides

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