Feeling Hopeful

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling hopeful. How come? Let’s investigate. I mean, the world is just as messy as it way yesterday, right? There are some pretty bad things going on. But today, for whatever reason, I’m vibing on the good stuff.

I’m sure you have this experience sometimes too. Some days you’re up, and others you’re down. Some days you’re optimistic and others, it’s … the pit of despair. As we all know, the very same glass can look half-full or half-empty depending on the attitude of the viewer. Continue Reading Feeling Hopeful

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We Stand in Solidarity

A statement in support of our community and social justice from President and CEO Dr. Jeffrey Farber.

These past few months have been among the most harrowing of our lifetimes. Words alone cannot express the depth of gratitude and love we harbor toward the community for the kindness and generosity they’ve bestowed on our residents and frontline health care workers during this acute public health crisis.

We are also mindful of another crisis ongoing in our country: inequality and injustice affecting people of color in America. Continue Reading We Stand in Solidarity

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How about you?

Each person must ask themselves what must I do? What must I say? It’s a different answer for each one. We each stand in our own circumstance, with our own history. Each of us has our own challenges and each benefit from our own privileges. But none of us is exempt from the obligation to pursue justice and even if that task is overwhelming, we must each do a piece. And the more we have, the more we owe. One of the rabbis of the Talmud instructs, “It is not your duty to complete the task, but neither may you consider yourself exempt.” Continue Reading How about you?

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On Shavuot all forms of remembrance are important

In the 26th chapter of Deuteronomy (verses 1-11), we read an early description of the holiday’s observance. There, when a person presents that season’s first fruits at the ancient Temple, they make a brief speech to the priest recounting their interwoven personal and national history. It evokes the pioneering journeys of Abraham and Sarah, the people’s enslavement in Egypt, the eventual liberation, the Israelite’s wandering and providence in the wilderness. And finally, it connects to their ongoing life in the land, a land famously flowing with milk and honey. Continue Reading On Shavuot all forms of remembrance are important

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All Through The Night — Welcoming Shavuot

It’s because tonight begins the Jewish Festival of Shavuot. While Passover has its famous Seder meal and Sukkot has its week of outdoor living in booths, the observances of Shavuot are less well know. Its main custom is called Tikkun Leyl Shavuot. To observe, one stays up all night studying and learning with a community. Shavuot celebrates the revelation at Mount Sinai as is recounted in the Book of Exodus. And in studying all night we too hope to receive a kind of revelation, the clarity and truth that sometimes breaks through the fuzziness and fatigue. Continue Reading All Through The Night — Welcoming Shavuot

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She Got COVID-19 on Her 90th Birthday but Beat the Odds

Her name is Elvira, but loved ones call her Vera. A talented woman who raised two daughters in the Bronx, New York with deep faith and willpower, her strength has helped her conquer many obstacles. Recently, her daughters and friends have been awed by her ability to overcome illness, including COVID-19. Continue Reading She Got COVID-19 on Her 90th Birthday but Beat the Odds

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