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three people doing an overhead stretch in a park

Best Stretches for Older Adults

Stretching helps you maintain flexibility and mobility, which is crucial for good health – especially as you age. The New Jewish Home’s licensed physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists are here to help with six essential stretches for older adults and seniors that target your legs and back, helping you lead a more active, independent life.

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group of people from CNA training program

Expanding Its Reach: SkillSpring Program Extended to Competing Nursing Homes After 17 Years of Success

The SkillSpring program, initiated in 2006 by The New Jewish Home in New York to address workforce shortages in long-term care, is expanding its reach to assist in-state competitors. Originally designed to offer a career path in nursing for financially insecure young adults, the program has successfully expanded to other facilities in the state, including a recent pilot program at the Isabella Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing Care in Washington Heights. This pilot program graduated 14 students who are expected to pursue careers as certified nursing assistants. By the start of 2023, over 150 SkillSpring alumni had been hired, with more than 90% either employed or pursuing higher education.

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holding onto shower grab bar

In-Home Safety & Wellness: Adapting Your NYC Living Space As You Age

For older adults and seniors living in New York City, aging in place can offer independence and a sense of connection. In this blog, we explain how New Yorkers can adapt their living space as they age to ensure safety, wellness, and the freedom to continue thriving in the communities they call home.

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