A statement in support of our community and social justice from President and CEO Dr. Jeffrey Farber.

These past few months have been among the most harrowing of our lifetimes. Words alone cannot express the depth of gratitude and love we harbor toward the community for the kindness and generosity they’ve bestowed on our residents and frontline health care workers during this acute public health crisis.

We are also mindful of another crisis ongoing in our country: inequality and injustice affecting people of color in America. Sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis and reflective of countless other acts of unjust violence perpetrated on African American people across the country including here in our own city, we acknowledge the years of pent-up pain and anguish felt by those who deserve better. 

We are proud to have an incredibly diverse workforce providing unparalleled care to the most vulnerable New Yorkers of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. We stand in solidarity with those who seek a more just world and raise our voices for social justice. 

More than 170 years ago, The New Jewish Home was founded by a dedicated group of women to care for people who were among society’s most neglected. Now more than ever, The New Jewish Home holds true to its values of embracing diversity, affirming dignity, embodying compassion and pursuing justice for all.