—Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Meaningful Life

Good Evening Jewish Home Manhattan

Today is Wednesday May 20th.

Let’s talk about multi-tasking — trying to do more than one thing at a time. Some people love the idea of it, accomplishing two (or more) things at once. Some people are suspicious. They know it’s more likely to mean that neither thing will get done as well as it should.

When something needs our full attention, it deserves our full attention.  And when we set aside that time and attention for just one thing, we show that that thing has value. It has worth. It is deserving. John Tarrant, director of the Pacific Zen Institute, teaches that  “Attention is the most basic form of love. Through it we bless and are blessed.” So, when we give our undivided attention to another person, it is love that we show them.

The only time I believe that doing two things at once is an improvement, is when the two things are really one thing.  Or they become one thing when brought together. They inform and strengthen one another. Just as the many people and parts of The New Jewish Home become a whole that is larger than the sum of our parts as we work together.

Today’s musical choice is another example. Here is a mash-up of two songs that become one beautiful whole in the voice of Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwo’ole who’s 61st birthday is observed  today.  Have a beautiful evening.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow/Wonderful World (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole)