The Living Center of Manhattan

A Green House Grows in Manhattan

Close your eyes and picture a 96-year-old looking out over her home, a modern, well-appointed residence, complete with a chef’s kitchen, comfortable living room with a hearth, a quiet den and views of Manhattan from her bedroom.

This snapshot of life in The Living Center of Manhattan sets the stage for the new long term care home and rehabilitation center that The New Jewish Home is preparing to build in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

A Place to Call Home

The Living Center of Manhattan will be a radical departure from the traditional nursing home. It will follow the philosophy of care called the Green House® model, in which skilled nursing facilities are designed and operated as independent homes.

Elders receiving nursing home care will live in their own households. Each household will have 13 private bedrooms and bathrooms surrounding a spacious living room with a hearth, a large open kitchen where meals will be prepared from scratch, a communal dining area and a balcony with views of the city.

Elders in the household will make their own choices about how to spend their time, when to eat, when to visit friends, when to quietly sit and read. It’s home.

A State-of-the-Art Facility New Yorkers Can Be Proud Of

For most residents of Manhattan, “home” has been a vertical apartment building in the midst of a busy urban environment. For the first time the Living Center of Manhattan will implement the Green House model in such an environment – and elders will have a home like the ones they have always lived in.

In addition to the long term care “Households,” the 414-bed Living Center will also feature state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities in the therapy center. The Living Center will also include a public space for the community, outdoor gardens and an indoor promenade with a shop and a bistro.

Here’s some research about how life flourishes in a Green House.