At The New Jewish Home’s Adult Day Health Care program in the Bronx, first of its kind to re-open in the borough post COVID, Donna* gets help managing her mental health condition, along with opportunities to engage in fun activities that keep her active and connected to the community.

Five days a week, Donna, a former bank worker in her early 60s, can be found at The New Jewish Home’s Adult Day Health Care program in the Bronx. “I go there to get out of my house and be with other people,” Donna said. “I keep busy, I’m not isolated.” She participates in a wide range of activities, and she gets help managing her mental health condition and maintaining stability.

The program provides integrated medical, social, and therapeutic services for local adults who have heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or, like Donna, mental health diagnoses. They can access physical, occupational, and speech therapy; meet with nutritional counselors and social workers; and get help monitoring chronic or acute conditions.

“The clients who come to the program live in the community. Some come as often as five days a week, some just one day,” said Ta Sharae Solomon, clinical lead director of the Adult Day Health Care programs in the Bronx and Manhattan. “We collaborate with doctors and managed care companies to manage their medical conditions.” Solomon emphasized that although the clients enjoy the activities and social opportunities, it’s about medical management,” she said. “Blood pressure monitoring and educating clients on how to remain healthy and prevent their diseases, such as diabetes, from progressing.”

It’s the activities and socializing, though, that draw Donna to the program every day. She loves beading and crocheting, dancing and baking. The therapeutic recreation program aides, Annizz and Madelin, keep the clients active, engaged—and optimistic. “Annizz always gives us hope, she says ‘don’t give up,’” Donna said.

Donna also enjoys working with a physical therapist to maintain her mobility, and she appreciates the help she gets from André, who helps her navigate insurance issues.

The 23,000-square-foot program space, located in the East Bronx, has four themed dining areas, private suites with rehabilitation equipment, areas for massage and therapy, a library, a garden room for reflection, a lounge with recreational areas, a high-tech media center and computer lab. A second program is located in Manhattan.

For more information about Adult Day Health Care programs please contact us at 646.276.5910 or

The New Jewish Home has a proud legacy of empowering older adults to live with purpose and enhanced well-being. We’ve been around since 1848 as one of the nation’s first nursing homes. Today, we are serve older New Yorkers of all backgrounds through a portfolio of health care services, including post-acute care and rehabilitation, skilled nursing, adult day care, assisted living, and at-home care

*For HIPAA privacy the name of the client was changed.