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Joint Commission Accreditation & Certification

Get Well – Go Home! Gold Seal of Approval for Sarah Neuman’s Heart Failure Program

Sarah Neuman Heart Failure Program providing the highest standards of health care 

According to the American College of Cardiology, heart disease is the most prevalent condition among older adults. No one knows this better than our dedicated health care professionals who work at Sarah Neuman’s Heart Failure Program in Westchester. Every day, our care team strives to ensure that heart patients can get well, go home safely and are able to manage their care more effectively.

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photo of people pushing wheelchairs in 2019 Pride March

Residents March for LGBT Pride

LGBT Pride at The New Jewish Home

The New Jewish Home’s participation in the NYC Pride March was not only a festive celebration of the LGBT community, it also spoke to our core value of embracing diversity to create a welcoming home for all.Read More

Prescription pills spilled over

One Order of Pancakes.

One Order of Pancakes. Hold the Psychotropics – A Lesson in Empathy and Dementia Care.

As it turns out, a little empathy does go a long way. While this principle may seem self-evident to caregivers whose vocations are rooted in compassion, empathy wasn’t always the go-to response when treating patients with dementia who exhibited disruptive behaviors in nursing home settings. Too often, the first option when it came to dementia care was to prescribe psychotropic or antipsychotic medications.

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Photo of CEO Jeffrey I Farber and resident centenarians at Kittay House celebration

Dr. Jeffrey Farber on Ageism

The New Jewish Home Combats Ageism

It’s easy to look back and recognize fads or social issues decades after the fact. It’s harder to identify them in the moment. Maybe that’s why we’re not grasping an issue we’re struggling with today: the widespread marginalization of older people in American society. Ageism.

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2019 Stay@Home Eight Over 80 Gala

Help Older Adults Age Safely

Help Older Adults Age Safely in Their Home. Donate from the Comfort of Your Home.

The relationship between The New Jewish Home and our generous donors is sacred. When you donate, your charitable support is helping change the lives of more than 10,000 older adults who benefit from our care every year regardless of their ability to pay.

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The New Jewish Home - Age Like a New Yorkers


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