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As a Former Home Health Aide Recovers from COVID-19, a Phone Call Can Mean so Much

While she was ill with COVID-19, Elizabeth Carroll was too weak to call her beloved daughters on her own. And her daughter Louise was filled with concern about Elizabeth’s health. Thanks to thoughtful staff members who took the time to help them FaceTime, mother and daughter were able to connect, easing their anxiety at the most stressful time.

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When COVID-19 Hits a Holocaust Survivor, The New Jewish Home Provides Comfort and Excellent Care

Ruth Robbins, a Holocaust survivor and Manhattan resident who survived a diagnosis of COVID-19, has found The New Jewish Home to be a safe and welcoming place to recover. “I’m lucky to be here,” she said.

Ruth’s journey began in Salzburg, Austria in 1932. Her family was affluent and philanthropic—when she and her children visited Salzburg about 10 years ago with a group of survivors, she learned from distant relatives who still live there about her father’s generosity to the Jewish community’s needy members.

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Chaplains Bear a Great Weight as ‘Bridge to Families’: On the front lines of a changing ‘ministry of presence.’


April 7, 2020, 7:08 pm

Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, director of the Department of Meaningful Life (religious life and spiritual care) at the New Jewish Home in Manhattan, the Bronx and Westchester, spoke last weekend with the families of three patients who had died in the hospital. They struggled to accept the news.

As doctors and nurses scurried past him, Rabbi Jason Kirschner, wearing an N95 respirator mask, stood outside the closed door of a Covid-19 patient at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan last week and recited prayers of healing.

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Headshot of Dr. Jeffery Farber, President and CEO of The New Jewish Home

Medicaid Cuts on the Line

Earlier this year, the New York State Health Department announced it would pursue a change in Medicaid reimbursements that would effectively cut nearly a quarter billion dollars in funding to hundreds of nonprofit nursing homes. As a mission-focused provider that has been proudly serving the community since 1848, we faced a choice: stand up to these cuts and fight for thousands of nursing home residents in New York State, or do nothing and jeopardize the quality of care they depend on. We chose to fight.

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Training Chaplains to “Be Present”

By Rabbi Jonathan Malamy, Director of Spiritual Care and Religious Life

“Are you ready to die?”

It was a simple but jarring question and one that the seminarian was really not prepared for. As he sat with a terminal patient near the koi pond on our Manhattan campus, he knew he needed to answer. But how? The student quickly replied that in his religious tradition, he was taught to live every day as if it were his last.

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Managed care at home for a senior

Solutions at Home® Complete In-Home Care

Making the right decisions when it comes to you or your loved one’s health care can be challenging. Managing doctor appointments, medication, and nutrition staying on top of bills and dealing with insurance providers is often overwhelming for older adults. The New Jewish Home, Solutions At Home® in-home care is a program that helps you or your loved one navigate health care resources and maintain the best quality of life.

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Student summer internships at The New Jewish Home Manhattan Campus

Summer Jobs Lead to Careers

Nearly 50 New York City high school and college students successfully completed the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program hosted by The New Jewish Home on our Manhattan campus. The number marked an all-time high for participation in the program designed to engage career-oriented youth with paid internships each summer.

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